Brewing Philosophy

Our Brewing Philosophy - Perfecting the Craft

What does it mean to brew seasonal, fresh, craft beer? We are determined to grow in our understanding of our own brewing philosophy and will constantly be making adjustments to it as we continue along this journey.

Beer is a key element to the community, conversation and the shared table we are creating. While our product is fresh, high-quality beer, it must become something more. As a craft brewery, we believe our product can be used to bring people together in a world that so often strives to break us apart.

Beer and bread share many characteristics. Both consist of grain and were seen as a source of life in ancient times. Why does this comparison matter to us? We brew beer because we believe that sharing a beer with someone is to break bread with them, a sign of peace and fellowship.

The collective is stronger than the individual, and brewing is no different. It requires a team. We participate the community of brewers before us and those to follow, as well as the community that surrounds and supports us. Seasonal, fresh beer is contagious, just like the community that it inspires.

Our passion for integrating local adjuncts into every brew allows us to create local economies that benefit the farmer and encourages regenerative agricultural practices. We emphasize and celebrate the local terroir and variety of each season. Brewing and consuming beer is an agricultural act.

A beer in season is two-fold. It requires indigenous, fresh ingredients, harvested and used in the season in which it naturally grows. It also emphasizes a shift in style offerings. As the seasons change from the hot summer days to the cold of winter, so will our brewing styles shift from lighter, sessionable styles to darker, full-bodied styles.

Our beer must be creative, but it should not be for the sake of creativity. We brew creatively to pursue the freshest beer possible. This requires imagination for different styles, flavors and ingredients. The final product must be delicious, while pushing our customers outside of their comfort zone. For us, this is what it means to be a craft brewery striving for creative, delicious beer.