Mission and Vision in Practice

Practicing Our Mission and Vision in Nashville, TN

What does it look like to participate in creation by thoughtfully brewing artisanal beer that declares creation’s goodness and to be a place where beer is used as a tool to grow community and where fellowship thrives?

As a Nashville brewery, we strive to better the community in which we exist. This includes providing quality jobs and creating new agricultural economies. We are committed to using our brewery as a place for the people of Nashville to gather and grow together.

Seasonal, local ingredients are the backbone to our brewery. By limiting our ingredient options to what is currently in season, we must be creative in how we use what is available. Building relationships with farms in Tennessee and the greater Southeast region will play an integral part in pursing our mission. We are bringing the farm-to-pint brewing philosophy to Nashville.

All are welcome to our brewery and taproom. We believe that beer has a unique ability to bring people together, break down barriers and inspire community. Our taproom will be a place to share a pint with someone, while engaging in meaningful conversations and discussions.

Our employees are our greatest asset in accomplishing our mission and vision. We are dedicated to creating a collaborative, challenging, fun work environment to all who join our team. If you are interested in joining our team, you can learn more about job opportunities by clicking here.

We will always brew the highest quality beer, but our pursuit of excellence will never end. Participating in creation means to continue to create. Our brewery is not a finished product, but instead is always growing to be made into something new. Expanding in size, styles, ingredients, and providers is part of our ever-changing DNA.

Nashville is home to many non-profits and organizations that bring about positive change to those in need. We give back to the community through product donations, fundraisers, charity pints and more. Wherever there is an opportunity to help out our brothers and sisters, we plan to be a part of it.