Harding House Brewing Co.’s Origin Story

All breweries have stories behind how they got started, and we are no different. Our founders’ passion for local beer and sustainable business practices helped give birth to Harding House Brewing Co.

The story behind this local brewery

Our brewmaster, Nate Underwood, starting homebrewing after finishing college back in 2012. He quickly brought his passion for local agriculture into his brewing style. Cameron, Matt, and Tyler joined Nate to form Harding House Brewing Co. with the intention of opening up a taproom-focused, hyper-local brewery. After identifying several neighborhoods to open the brewery, we zeroed in on The Nations neighborhood in West Nashville, TN. We are excited to join those before us who paved the way for local craft beer.

The Name: Harding House Brewing Co.

Our name traces its roots back to the nickname given to a house on Harding Place here in Nashville where Nate lived after graduating from college. It is also the place where the inspiration for this brewery originated. Throughout the development process of the brewery, many things changed, but the name remained constant. To the people now involved with Harding House Brewing Co., the name represents more than a single location on a map or a single group of individuals. It represents a growing community seeking to affirm the good things in life over a pint.