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Beer Theology: An Introduction

Harding House Brewing Co. was born out of the idea that beer and the act of brewing beer could be used for more than just a delicious drink. All four of our founders share a similar faith, which has been the catalyst for this greater mission for beer and brewing.

Our faith plays a significant role in each of our lives, so it was only natural that it would seep into the very way we brew, drink and share our beer. Everything from the way we source our ingredients to the stories we choose to tell with our beer points back to this shared faith.

What is “Beer Theology?”

Through our faith, we have also been taught to ask questions, and since being on this journey, we have asked and will continue to ask what it means to connect our faith and our doubt to beer, brewing and this brewery we’ve created.

This is what we hope Beer Theology is and will become: a way to ask questions and figure things out while standing in the mysteries that life and faith offer. We want Beer Theology to enable our community to share faith, hope and love with each other and the world around them.

We know we are nowhere near the first ones to embark on this journey of beer brewing and faith, and we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, looking to the places they have gone and gleaning from what they discovered. The fellowship and togetherness we have sought from the beginning have become our hopeful invitation to those joining the Harding House Brewing Co. community.